widok zakopane

Everyone should once in his life go to Zakopane. Then you can love or hate the city, because this place called Polish winter capital has its charm, but it is impossible not to notice certain disadvantages.

Until the mid-nineteenth century Zakopane was a village like many others. Doctor Tytus Chałubiński rendered it famous. He promoted this place because of the proximity of beautiful mountains and spa. Admittedly, the snow-capped peaks of towering mountains, green pastures and forests and mountain lakes are an impressive sight. Zakopane is not only a starting point for mountain hikes, but also very actively working resort, which can overwhelm those who appreciate silence.

Buy me, please

It is impossible to deny the city climate. Famous in the entire country Krupowki, so a street rich in good restaurants, shops and fortified with stalls with local products, but also tacky souvenirs, arouses extreme emotions. Some love the glamor, the other are disturbed by rather aggressively commercial atmosphere. At your fingertips is almost everything – food (not just highlanders’ cuisine), accommodation, spa and all kinds of services. They share one thing – they are expensive.

Highway to hell

Zakopianka – a very broad subject. The road, which you cannot miss going to “Zakopiec” unless you have a private helicopter or love to go by train for long hours. In the poll of most hated Polish roads it takes place in the top five. Many kilometres long traffic jams during the weekend (especially long one) are a common sight here. Zakopane cannot cope with this problem for years. Another issue is the problem of horses used to pull carriages over Morskie Oko. Animal rights defenders have raised not once the topic of the excessive load which they face every day. But there is a solution for this, because instead of going by horse-drawn carriage, tourists may go on the route on their own.