The crown summit of the Tatras


What to do to admire from one place 130 mountain peaks, 13 the largest lakes in the Tatra Mountains and the panorama of the Tatra Mountains in a radius of 100 km? You have to climb the highest mountain in Poland. The view from Rysy – this is it!

Rysy – the highest mountain in Poland

Rysy Massif is located in the High Tatras and consists of three peaks. The highest (2503m) and the lowest (2473 m) lie on the Slovak side. Average height elevation (2499m) is located in Poland and this is our highest mountain. The view from Rysy is impressive, in good weather you can enjoy from the top the panorama of the mountains in a radius of 100 km and even Krakow which is more than 90 km away.

The history of climbing Rysy

The view from Rysy is breath taking, then it is not surprising that every year during the summer the trail to the highest mountain in Poland is full of tourists. The first conquering of Rysy peak was on 30th June 1840 and Eduard Blasy did it with an older guide Jan Ruman Driecny. In the winter Rysy peak was conquered firstly by Theodor Wundt with a guide Jakob Horvay.


The view from Rysy – only for the chosen

From Rysy a magnificent panorama of the entire Tatra Mountains extends. However only properly prepared tourists who have a good condition can admire the view from Rysy. Although conquering the highest Polish mountain is not as difficult as the route to Orla Perć, inexperienced tourists should be wary. Just to mention the avalanche of 18 January 2013, which killed 8 people – members of the Students’ Sports Club “PION”.

Royal peaks

The Rysy belong to the Crown of Polish Mountains, the Crown of Tatras and the Crown of Europe. The highest mountain on the continent of Europe is French Mont Blanc (4810,45 m above sea level). Polish peak of Rysy is 17th on the list of the highest European mountains – it is 2499 m above sea level. It is not included into the Crown of the Earth (the highest peaks on all continents). So it is also not included into the Crown of the Himalayas, which includes only the eight-thousanders. In the world there are only 14 of them.