SpotPoland is a unique application. It is something more than a digitized tourist guide. SpotPoland gives much more opportunities than just reading information on the building, mountain or tourist attraction. With this application not only you will plan tour route of any national park in Poland, but also feel safe thanks to a functionality “To the Rescue”.

What is this?

To the Rescue is functionality designed to enhance the safety of tourists. It alarms loved one (previously designated by the user of the application SpotPoland) about the possibility of an emergency situation.

How does it work?

The device takes into consideration the information about the planned route entered by the user and other available information (such as weather conditions, location, emergency phones) to prepare a message sent by SMS gateway integrated with the application. A message is sent when the user does not confirm the status “OK”, which is displayed on the mobile device after prespecified time. This will mean a potential emergency situation.


The functionality To the Rescue is invaluable in case of dangerous situation. It allows to alarm loved one automatically, without human interference.