SpotPoland is a unique application. This is something more than a tourist guide in digital form. SpotPoland gives much more opportunities than just reading the information on the building, mountain or tourist attraction. With this application you will plan your tour route of any national park in Poland, but also feel safe. What single the application out from the usual guides is its working in augmented reality mode.

What is this?

“Augmented” reality is in English “increased” reality. You can experience it using a smartphone or other mobile device with the appropriate software. SpotPoland allows access to the fifth dimension in the Polish national parks.

How does it work?

Just scan the camera view around us in a smart phone. The application will show us things generated by the computer. We will see indications of specific places and their brief descriptions – monuments, parts of inanimate nature (rocks, mountains, caves), towns and even accommodation.


The method of obtaining information through augmented reality is very comfortable and far more attractive than the paper guides.