widok z rysów

On Polish territory there is only a quarter of the whole range of the Tatras and the highest peak (Gerlach – 2655 m) lies in Slovakia. The Polish side is dominated by Rysy, though really they are not only ours – we need to share them with the Slovaks. It is time to disprove some myths about these mountains.

Not Polish, but Polish-Slovak

Rysy are located in the High Tatras on the Polish-Slovak border. Highest peak, called the middle one, is not on the Polish territory. It is four meters higher than the north – western summit, which is also the highest Polish peak (2499 m), but located at the state border. The third summit with a height of 2473 m above sea level, lies on the Slovak side. So much for the facts. Although for some this is not relevant, because the view from Rysy is just as magnificent on both sides of the border.


Where are “Rysy” from?

The name “Rysy” exists at least since the early nineteenth century. But it does not come, as it is commonly believed, from the oblique gully visible from afar. Polish highlanders called slopes of all Lower Rysy, Upper Frog Summit and Frog Monk by name “Rysy”. Later using the name was narrowed to the top of the ridge.

Dangerous but not the most dangerous

The approach to the summit is not easy and requires very good physical condition and some experience. Fortunately, from the Polish side the route is equipped with about 360 meters of chains. This does not mean that you can dull your vigilance. Since the opening of the Polish trail 50 people died here. It is however less than on Orla Perc trail – the most dangerous route in the whole Tatras. Climbing Rysy is risky because of possible adverse weather conditions and lying snow. However, the tourists take a risk for a unique view from Rysy. Apparently you can see here 100 peaks and 12 lakes. In fact from the top you can see 80 peaks of the Tatra range and 50 in the other groups.