Fall in love with polish nature – nature in Poland

nature in poland

Coasted beaches and dunes, forests and woods, lakes, rivers, streams, vivid green plains, picturesque highlands, majestic mountains and if you look for well you will find even a desert. Tourist – go to Poland!

A postcard from Poland

After they type in the search engine the phrase “nature in Poland” foreign tourists may get nystagmus: a variety of landscapes multiplied by seasons of the year can make them feel dizzy. Suggestions of where to find the most beautiful and interesting places in Poland can be looked for in the tourist information office, in the guides, the richly illustrated photo albums.


The beauty of Poland all year round

Snow-capped peaks in the middle of winter are a completely different view than the mountain pastures full of purple and yellow crocuses in spring or autumn slopes coloured in red and orange. The Baltic Sea is ice-cold, grey and windy – but a summer seaside landscape consists of blue sky, white manes of waves and bright, fine sand…beaches to the horizon. Forests in a spring are filled with singing birds, a summer invites you to wild strawberries and berries, in an autumn they attract mushroom pickers. A winter-a sleigh!

Nature in Poland – nature worth protecting*

In Poland there are 23 national parks and 122 landscape parks. There are 1481 nature reserves and 385 protected landscape areas. We also have 36 353 natural monuments, to which belong: e.g. unique shrubs, trees or group of trees, boulders, rocks, caves and waterfalls. In Poland there are also 10 UNESCO biosphere reserves, MAB. MAB (“Man and Biosphere”) is a program designed to protect the most valuable natural resources in the world.

*data from 2013